Old Faithful Visitor Center designed by the San Francisco Planning and Service Center, 1968-70
All photographs by Christine Madrid, October 1999, unless noted

View of the main facade of the structure. To the left under the eave is the main entry. The glass windows face the geyser.
Detail view of a supporting pier. This inscribed pier is concrete with small aggregate; the corners of the pier are squared. Subsequent piers are rendered roughly to resemble natural stone (below).

The visitor center is constructed of wood, concrete, and glass. The visitor center faces the Old Faithful geyser (visible in the background, above left). Visitors to the park are able to view the eruption from the buildinglobby if the weather prevents them from sitting on the benches outside (see views below). Below left is a recent photograph of the lobby area, now occupied by sales counters and information desks. The lobby was previously left open for visitors to rest and observe the geyser (below right -photograph by William S. Keller, ca. 1970., courtesy National Park Service Historic Photography Collection). The main entrance to the building (above right) is protected by the extended eave. At the end of this covered corridor are the restrooms and one of many nearby parking areas.

The "Future Old Faithful Visitor Center," to be rendered in the park rustic style, similar to the historic lodge nearby. The current visitor center, pictured above, will be demolished under the current General Management Plan for Yellowstone.


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