Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visitor Center, Whimberley, Whisenand, Allison & Tong, Honolulu, McGuire & Muri, Tacoma, Washington, 1964-67

View of visitor center in winter snow, located at Paradise on the south side of Mount Rainier (elevation 5400 feet). (Photograph by Christine Madrid, March 1999)

Overall view of building, ca. 1970s.
(Photographer unknown, n.d., courtesy National Park Service Historic Photography Collection)
First floor plan showing layout of building.
(Courtesy National Park Service)
Details of the visitor center. A long, circular ramp leads visitors through a series of exhibits ending at the observation room. The enclosed observation area provides a 360-degree view of the surrounding mountain landscape.

Photographs by Christine Madrid, March 1999.

Detail of ceiling in circular observation room.

Observation room with multi-colored walls of ramp.
Detail of window in circular observation room.
Scene from the ramp.
Sweeping ceiling seen from the ramp.


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