Visitor Center designed by Max R. Garcia, San Francisco, 1964-65
All photographs Christine Madrid, October 1999

A quote attributed to Black Elk (above left) is installed on a main wall of the structure opposite this view of the observation deck (above right). The observation deck defines the structural character of many Mission 66 visitor centers, allowing for interpretive ranger presentations indoors (below left) or outdoors (below right). The observation deck at Little Bighorn, as at other battlefield parks, faces out onto the open landscapes where the most fierce fighting occurred. Visitors with limited mobility can view and understand, at least partially, the most prominent features of the battlefield from the site of the visitor center.

An interior view of the visitor center interpretive space (above left). There are two original dioramas, ca. Mission 66, at Little Bighorn. The viewing window for one is visible to the left of the photograph above. A detail view of a diorama placed on the opposite wall (above right) depicts scenes from the battle. Dioramas of this type can still be found at many Mission 66 visitor centers as well as at the main building of the Department of the Interior in Washington, D.C. The detailed models convey historical scenes to aid in resource interpretation.
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