Visitor Center designed by Max R. Garcia, San Francisco, 1964-65

All photographs by Christine Madrid, October 1999

View of the headstone for General George A. Custer (center with black inset) surrounded by stones for his contingent of men, otherwise known as "Custer's Last Stand." The stones are placed where the bodies lay after the battle on June 25, 1876, between the U.S. Army's seventh cavalry and a number of Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho bands.
View of the visitor center in relationship to the area of the battle climax. The "National Cemetery" behind the building was established in 1879. The battlefield tour road is visible on the right side of the photograph. Annual visitation to the site is 370,000 (1998).
The visitor center is constructed of brick with stainless steel detailing. The main entrance (left) projects prominently from the body of the building. Visitors enter through two sets of glass and steel doors (detail views below). The restrooms (above right) are accessible from the outdoors through a separate doorway. There is no open passage to the interpretive spaces of the visitor center from the public restrooms.

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