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can be used with permission of publisher, Christine Madrid French

Architectural Tour Guides:

tourguide2.pub (MS Publisher)

tourguide.pdf (same as above in PDF format)

siteplanphotos.pdf (6mb)



Photographs: courtesy of National Park Service, Jack Boucher photographer, 1962.

gettysboucher.tif 13 mb, cmyk, 300 dpi

Photographs: courtesy of Boris Starosta, 2000.

cyc01.tif (with glass bridge)
7 mb color, unretouched

cyc03.tif (rostrum)
7 mb color, unretouched

cyc303.tif (interior) 7 mb color, unretouched

Photographs by Christine Madrid French, 2006

frenchcyc1.tif 14 mb

frenchcyc2.tif 14 mb

frenchcyc3.tif 13 mb


Other Images

3mb color, unretouched, courtesy National Park Service.

11 mb color, unretouched, courtesy National Park Service. Architectural sketch by Richard Neutra, ca. 1958.