Visitor Center designed by William Cramp Scheetz, Jr., Philadelphia and the Eastern Office of Design and Construction, 1961-62

View of the visitor center overlooking the battlefield. (© C. Madrid, 1998)

Historic view of visitor center from parking lot. The NPS later added an auditorium at the left side of the building. (Photographer unknown, n.d., courtesy National Park Service)
View of Visitor Center from the Antietam Battlefield, looking south. Light gray masonry laid in uneven courses refers to regional historic tradition of fieldstone wall and bridge building.
(© Christine Madrid, 1998)

Recent view of battlefield from observation deck, looking east. (© Christine Madrid, 1998)
Firearms demonstration and interpretive program conducted by Park Service ranger on observation deck, ca. 1968. (Photographer unknown, n.d., courtesy National Park Service Historic Photography Collection)

Plan of Visitor Center.
(Photographer unknown, n.d., courtesy National Park Service, Denver Service Center)

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